About Us

Get to know who we are.

Our Mission

We fabricate creative ideas and provide services that are tailored towards our client's best interest.

Our Vision

Delivering results-oriented brand marketing campaigns that enhance our clients' awareness, improve their sales and foster their growth. Creativity is great but tangible results are even better.

Who are we?

Skybold Brands

We are the largest & most established wholesaler stockist of corporate gifts & promotional giveaways in Kenya. With Unique & innovative products, advanced in-house Printing and branding facility, strong logistics capabilities & an efficient team, we provide an end-to-end solution to our customers.

Working with Skybold is working with a partner that knows all the ins and outs of the business and that remains in the forefront of the industry developments. Corporate Companies, Government Ministries and Financial institutions have been our trusted clients purely due to our understanding and respect for our customer’s needs which are quick service, good quality and reasonable prices.

Our Core Values


We seek high standards of management, service delivery and professionalism to ensure efficient, effective and high-quality standard services.


We continually adapt, evolve and change to improve our courses methodology and technology in order to be at the forefront of printing and branding.

Customer Focus

We are continuously committed to achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction through the improvement of our services, innovation and technology.


Adhere to the highest standards of accountability, transparency, diligence in all our professional and personal obligations moreover, responsibilities to our staff and other stakeholders.


Foster a work environment of team building, shared skills and communication.


We hold every person customer and visitor with high esteem regardless of their gender, disability, religion, political affiliation, or race they may belong to. We conduct out our duty with great humility and excellence.

Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication

We’re something other than duplicates…

With over 500 products positioned under 16 categories, there’s something for every occasion, all ready to customize with a logo or message. Skybold industry-leading collection features are the trendiest and most functional products that would drive a brand’s message. Whether you need a gift for your esteemed clients, employees, something for a promotion or marketing/advertising campaign, look no further.

What’s more, we do it right!

And transform splendid thoughts into splendid marks.


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